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I am a strategic marketer who loves taking your offering and bringing it to life online - because lets face it, that is where the majority of customers are now researching, discovering, validating and deciding on the businesses, products, services and brands they use.

As a long time health focussed individual I formalised my passion with a Level 3 Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching in 2020 to get closer to helping more people with their wellness goals.

If your business exists to help people flourish in their lives through better health and more holistic wellbeing I am your woman!

I'm here to breathe marketing life to your business so you can reach those who need your products and services the most.

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at someone in the dark.

You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

- Steuart Henderson Britt, Professor of Marketing

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Kind words

"Your energy is infectious. We are so lucky to work with you Olivia. You raise the bar in your level of commitment and professionalism in understanding how each individual business works ."

Richelle, Owner, Villa Floretti Flowers