6 Marketing health questions to ask your business

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I’ve always said marketing is not rocket science and likened it more to common sense. But maybe that is easy to say with a marketing degree and 20 years of experience in the bag!

For those of you rocking a small business that needs a little marketing love to drive demand, whatever you do DO NOT START with a paid campaign. The most expensive, creatively stunning marketing campaigns cannot make up any lost ground if your marketing basics are not up to scratch.

The effectiveness of marketing starts with your marketing health.

The bedrock for marketing success is ensuring what you are selling is the right fit with who you plan to sell it to – ie it is meeting a real need, want or problem they have.

Once that is nailed, you need to make sure you’re all over the marketing health basics…”Great, so um where the hell do I start with that!” I hear you say.

Simple. Take my 6-Point Marketing Hygiene Test.

Since working with small business clients, I have developed this 6-point test to help business owners quickly identify opportunities for improvement and determine a marketing priority list.

Here are the 6 elements:

Brand, Website, Getting Found, Reviews, Your Why, Your Points of Difference.

To kick off the process of reviewing each, take my short 6-Point Marketing Hygiene Test.

You can rate these as either Yes/No or Strong/Needs Improvement

1. I have a brand identity (logo, fonts, colours, messaging) that is fit for 2020, aligns with my overall brand and is used with consistency.

2. I have a website that works just as well on mobile that is relevant, easy to use and up-to-date.

3. My business can be found when it is searched for online.

4. I use social proof to show others my business is worth buying from this means I collect and authentically respond to reviews.

5. I am clear on my businesses ‘why’ and express it with clarity in my marketing.

6. I am clear on what separates my business from other similar businesses (aka the competition!) and I express it with clarity in communications.

If you would like to be coached through this process and be provided with ideas and next steps on each element, check out my Marketing Coaching Packages available in 3 sizes to suit your needs.

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