Instagram Packages

Social Strategy ✜ Content Pillars ✜ Design ✜ Schedule 

“You can buy attention [advertising]. You can beg media for attention [PR]. You can bug people one at a time to get attention [sales].


Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting, valuable + entertaining and then publishing it to the most frequented place on the internet - social media.”

These packages are for you if you know you need to be more strategic about social - what you're posting, when you're posting, why you are posting it and do it with minimum time effort. 

Yup.  Social media is a beast!  It is time consuming but oh so important because it represents YOU, your BRAND and is an amazing SALES tool. 


Did you know a potential client to your website and socials will form an impression in just 50 milliseconds.  Design and determining a value match is everything!

Your social media presence needs to align the rest of your online and offline brand touch points.  

It should be something you look at and say YES, that looks like me.  

It should be something you control rather than letting it control you (very easily done!)

If that sounds like something you'd like to invest in then read on.

Instagram Sorted Package

The Instagram Sorted Package is designed for businesses who want their Instagram feed to better reflect their brand.

Select this pack if:

  • You're about to launch your Instagram account

  • You're re-branding your existing account

  • You have a logo but limited ideas on how to visually express your brand in your Instagram feed.

  • You have been posting with no plan and want your social feed to start reflecting your brand!

The outputs from this pack can also be used for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Branded posts are designed to be scheduled in advance and can work around content you want to post in 'real time' be that IGTV, videos or in the moment snaps that bring your feed to life.

What's included:

  • 1 hour Brand & Business Discovery Session

  • Custom Social Media Playbook, which includes:

    • Vision + Values + Brand story

    • Audience and content audit of Instagram account

    • Content pillars 

    • Look and feel - design the visual set for the content, 5 master designs, aligning with existing brand

    • Colour sets

    • Visual Feed mock up 3 x 5

    • 5 Highlight cover mock ups

    • Hashtag sets

    • 30 min call to feedback and align with you before content creation starts

  • 20 branded post images created

  • Posts shared with you as png/mp4 files

  • Posts shared via Canva

Starting at:

Blogger's Desk

Add ons:

  • Captions and hashtags for each post

  • Planned on calendar and scheduled into 2 social channels.



50 x Post packages also available.  Contact me if you wish to chat.


Already building a website with me?  +$1,050

Clock and Plant

How much time do you spend posting on Instagram?

Let's work together to slash that time and free you to focus effort on other areas of your business.

How long will 20 posts last?

This depends on how often you want to post.  I personally find that around 2 branded posts a week along with 2 posts from you 'on the go' is absolutely fine.  

In that case the 20 pack will last you 10 weeks.

If you are however embarking on a launch, a post a day is a solid way to increase your reach and engage your new followers.

The best part is, I share all the designs with you in Canva so you can have a go at DIY after that, using the design concepts and content pillars continuously.

Kind words

"Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.  My marketing doula!  I couldn’t possibly recommend you more to anyone.  If anyone has a “business baby” waiting to be birthed or needs guidance in any way regarding marketing, Liv is the person.

Angela, Owner, Be You Living