Marketing Coaching Packages

Gain Clarity ✜ Feel Heard ✜ Ask any questions  ✜ Walk away with a plan

Access 18 years of marketing experience and walk away with clarity, fresh ideas and direction.

Coaching packages are for B2C businesses who need a marketer to listen to their goals, vision, challenges and current pain points and turn those into a clear set of recommendations and next steps from a marketing perspective. 

Power Pack

2 sessions

2 hours 1:1 contact time

Marketing Resource Pack


Strong Foundations

3 sessions

2.5 hours 1:1 contact time

Marketing Resource Pack

Mini Custom Marketing Playbook 


Premium Pack

5 sessions

3.5 hours 1:1 contact time

Marketing Resource Pack

'The works' Custom Marketing Playbook



Do you seek:

  • Someone in your corner supporting your new idea

  • A professional to hear all your ideas and have them reflected back in a clear simple way

  • Impartial, honest feedback

  • Accountability

  • Being clear on the core marketing basics your business needs

  • An understanding of the small steps needed to get started

Contact me to discover which coaching package might suit you best.

"Clarity is the perspective you can't see."

- Steve Gilliand

Kind words

"Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.  My marketing doula!  I couldn’t possibly recommend you more to anyone.  If anyone has a “business baby” waiting to be birthed or needs guidance in any way regarding marketing, Liv is the person.

Angela, Owner, Be You Living