Prep Kit



Watch me first so you can set yourself up for Website Prep success!

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Module 1

Vision + Values

The foundation on which your brand and marketing should sit.


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Module 2

Who's Visiting? 

Who do you want to visit your website?

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Module 3

Your Brand

Learn about the brand and style elements you should nail before building your website.

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Module 4

Website goals

Why are you building your website and what do you want your visitors to do once they arrive?

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Module 5

Website Structure

What pages do you need ? What is the flow?​ How should your home page be structured.

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Recommended home page flow: 

Demo currently only viewable on desktop (not mobile)

Module 6

Website Copy

All the words!

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Module 7

Pulling it all together

Summary and wrap up of elements you will need to get started with the build.

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Module 8

What's next?

Now that you are ready to build here are some final techy things to understand and set up.

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You are now ready to start building in WIX with ease...or pass your entire prep kit to a professional to build your website on any platform in no time.